A transformer is an electrical device designed and manufactured to step voltage up or step down. Electrical transformers operate on the principle of magnetic induction and have no moving parts. As a transformer transforms the voltage on the input side to the voltage required by the device or equipment connected to the output, it inversely increases or decreases the current flow between the different voltage levels. An electrical transformer exemplifies the law of conservation of energy that says energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed!

An Electric Transformer’s Basic Construction

Electrical transformers, having no moving parts or highly sensitive essential components or materials, are by nature remarkably reliable and durable pieces of equipment. A well-designed, quality-built transformer can be expected to function continuously and trouble free for years under rated operating conditions. In its most basic form, an electrical transformer consists of two coils or windings—input and output—of electrically conductive wire wound around an electrical grade steel core.

An Electric Transformer’s Basic Function

When the primary coil receiving the voltage (input) is energized, the core is magnetized, and voltage is subsequently induced, or stimulated, in the output or secondary coil. The change in voltage (voltage ratio) between the primary and secondary coils is dependent on the turns ratio of the coils. When the transformer is loaded—that is, when the device or equipment the transformer is designed to power is connected and the transformer is energized—the “load” begins to draw current (quantified in amperes, or amps) at the voltage the transformer was designed to deliver.

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