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Experienced Winders Johnson Coil

Copper foil and brazed in bus bar construction is the solution of choice for high current applications.

Our programmable and lathe winding machines accommodate copper and aluminum magnet wire, starting at 1 SQ, enameled or Nomex ® wrapped, square or rectangular, wound one or more in hand.

Hand Winders Johnson Coil
Multiple Winders Johnson Coil

Microprocessor controlled multiple winding machines, skilled winders, and ingenuity are key to single phase transformer work cell productivity.

Microprocessor controlled bobbin winding machines drive our high speed bobbin work cells.

Bobbin Winders Johnson Coil

Hand winding affords the versatility for virtually any tap configuration smaller transformer designs might require.

Computer controlled precision winding optimizes copper usage, available space, and winding time.

Precision Winding Johnson Coil
Toroid Winders Johnson Coil

Microprocessor controlled toroid winding machines set the pace in our state-of-the-art toroid work cell.

Through continuous improvement utilizing kaizen events, the A-3 process, and PDCA, our work cells have evolved into the most efficient in the industry.

Kaizen Events, A-3 Process, PDCA
point of use material

Point-of-use material increases the efficiency of our small transformer work cells.

Work cells combine all assembly and test operations to insure process control, flexible schedules, and on-time delivery – at the highest quality standards.

Work Cells Johnson Coil Company
Transformer Assembly Johnson Coil Company
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Our transformers are built with thorough attention to detail, one piece at a time, like this three phase transformer, designed with custom cut-to-length lamination to meet the application’s size restrictions.

Large transformers go through the final process in our ergonomically-designed work cell.

Large Transformers Johnson Coil Company
Three Phase Transformers Welding

Welded construction means efficient manufacturing of high quality transformers — single and three phase alike. Our welders are certified to AWS standards through Wisconsin’s Northcentral Technical College.

Our test equipment is calibrated and certified to insure you get the performance you require. 100% electrical testing is geared to each design.

Test Equipment Johnson Coil Company
Vacuum Impregnation Johnson Coil Company
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Vacuum impregnation and oven curing insure the highest integrity, reliability, and product life. Our process is supported by three vacuum chambers, four baking ovens, and an environmentally friendly 100% solids epoxy.

Final assembly/final connecting concludes the building process.

Final Assembly Johnson Coil Company

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