Within any industry, there are companies that generalize and companies that specialize. Some decide to provide a wide range of products and services and others choose to specialize and work on a small product range.

At Johnson Electric Coil Company, we are a specialized company. We don’t serve all industries that use transformers. For one, we don’t provide large power transformers for the electrical grid. But we do provide parts and components for an impressive variety of Original Equipment Manufacturers, for example, throughout the United States and around the world for industrial equipment and related power protection equipment.

Specialization is what sets us apart from generalized electrical transformer manufacturers and catalog transformer houses. It also provides our customers with some very important benefits to consider.

We Know Regulations

While most electrical transformer manufacturers will know USA based regulations in their area of production, they may not be aware of international regulations and requirements. Because we work extensively with OEMs that ship into many different markets and regions of the world, we have acquired a working knowledge of the applicable regulations and the design and manufacturing expertise to ensure your product will meet the standards for sale in almost any country or region. And in the event that your market points to unfamiliar territory, we research the requirements and applicable standards to ensure your product, too, will comply.

In fact, we will stand with you and behind our work as your product makes its way through the applicable regulatory and safety agency approval processes. We work for you, whether that means assisting you in responding to agency inquiries or, if you prefer, communicating directly with your agency project investigator on your behalf. You have our assurance that we work with confidence and respect for the applicable requirements, the agency project engineer, and your relationship. Our capable team of engineers can provide the necessary information and documentation to facilitate the process, thereby minimizing your project’s time to market.

We Listen to Customers

At Johnson Electric Coil Company, our first and only focus is to ensure customer satisfaction with our customized production of inductors, chokes, and transformers. We don’t create components and then try to sell you a product; we customize the design and manufacture parts to meet your special, individual project requirements.

Once you start working with Johnson Electric Coil Company, we think you, like most of our customers, will find you don’t need any other electrical transformer manufacturers.

To discuss your project or to learn more about our company, products, or services, call us at 715.627.4367. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.