For OEMs, particularly with new companies or startups manufacturing their first products, hiring Johnson Electric Coil Company to complete the design and production of your custom electrical transformers, inductors, and chokes is a sound business decision.

We have a reputation for working closely with our customers to ensure you receive the product you need within the timeline that meets your requirements. We provide full engineering, design, and manufacturing processes in-house at our facility in Antigo, Wisconsin.

Our company has been in business since 1934, which gives us a long track record of working in a wide variety of industries and for many different OEMs. This experience is something we bring to every order, equipping us to solve your unique design challenges in order to manufacture the right transformer for your application.

We Understand Your Requirements

Communication between Johnson Electric Coil Company and our customers throughout the manufacturing process is critical. Our engineering team will listen carefully and ensure they understand the specifications of your application. Additionally, we will make sure that our design meets any applicable standards, whether domestic or international. This includes UL, CSA, and CE requirements, based on the components we produce, the end-use application, and the intended market.

Our team is also well versed when it comes to RoHS and REACH compliance requirements, which are essential for transformers in equipment and systems involved in international sales, as well as the U.S. Conflict Minerals Rule.

Quality Control Is Essential

Throughout the entire process of engineering, design, and manufacturing, quality is the focus at every step. We incorporate 5S workplace organization principles as well as our quality management system, lean manufacturing practices, continuous improvement, and diligent application of our manufacturing controls.

The result of this effort in the area of quality assurance is custom transformers that meet or exceed your standards and expectations. Each member of our team is trained in our methods of quality control, which ensures not just random testing results but product reliability, consistency, and value.

To get started on your current requirements for transformers, give us a call today at 800.826.9741 or contact us through our website.