There are millions of miles of power lines that cross the countryside. Some are buried underground, but chances are you’ve also seen them strung from pole to pole across the states. Those power lines carry electricity from the power plants to our homes, schools, office buildings, and factories. Between the plant and the home or other buildings are electrical transformers, often seen mounted high on a pole, encased in a metal can. Because the voltage coming from the power plant is dangerously high, a correctly-designed electrical transformer is needed to step down or reduce the voltage to a level considered safe for people, appliances, and machinery alike. This is where Johnson comes in.

Johnson Electric Coil Company is a manufacturer of electrical transformers, but not the ones on power poles or in transmission stations. Our transformers perform the same function, but are scaled down to power a wide range of products for a number of different applications. Producing everything from single and three phase autotransformers to single and three phase isolation transformers to single and three phase custom inductors is what we do.

Our single and three phase autotransformers are the best custom transformers on the market with special voltage requirements and terminations that meet your installation needs. These transformers are custom built to meet your specifications.

Our isolation transformers, too—whether single phase or three phase isolation transformers—are cost-effective, custom designed and made to meet your special needs.

In fact, no matter what your application calls for—isolation transformer autotransformer, toroidal transformer, inductor, or choke, single phase or three phase—we are a leading producer in the industry.


Johnson Electric Coil Company takes a customized approach to every inquiry, design, and manufacturing process. Our experienced, knowledgeable, engineering team has the latest electrical and mechanical design software; our experienced, knowledgeable, manufacturing team has the latest automated programmable and mechanical machinery to provide a broad range of devices.

When it comes to manufacturing electrical transformers, Johnson Electric Coil Company’s aim is to make ordering products easy for you, our customers. Call us today to find out how we can help you with your electrical transformer needs.