Single phase transformers are some of the most common electrical and electronic components on the market today. Johnson Coil’s single phase transformers serve a wide range of industrial uses and applications and make it possible to use many types of control circuits. One of the most important parts of a transformer is its core. In fact, the core is the body and soul of the unit. But when it comes to cores, there are several choices.

Solid core

For single phase transformers designed for high frequency applications, a solid powdered iron or ferrite core may be the best option.

Laminated core

Electrical grade steel EI lamination is most often the core of choice for single phase transformers in industrial applications.

Toroidal core

Where weight, shape, volume, audible noise, electromagnetic interference and/or efficiency requirements are challenging, a tape-wound toroidal core configuration may be a good solution.

Cut “C” or “E” core

For single phase transformer applications specifying exceptionally low losses, magnetizing current, or hum, high pulse permeability, or unusually high frequency or flux density, high-performance electrical steel cut cores could be the answer.

Each of these core types has its place in the single phase transformer world, and each comes with a unique set of pros and cons. But selecting the optimum core material, construction, and geometry for your specific application can make a huge difference in performance and cost alike. Our engineers can help you determine which type of core is best for your specific needs, custom-design a single phase transformer to maximize the special advantages it offers, and see your prototype transformer through production.

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