Many electronics and electrical systems need transformers and inductors. In fact, some might need several types, including isolation and autotransformers. How do you know which type that you need- single or 3 phase transformer? It’s always best to consult a transformer manufacturer to make sure you’re getting the right product. It’s also smart to make sure the manufacturer you’re working with is reliable and experienced. This is why so many engineers turn to Johnson Electric Coil Company for their custom electrical transformers. Here are a few things our customers love about our company.


During the Great Depression, Lawrence Johnson worked for an electrical manufacturer in Illinois. When he lost his job in 1934, he took two hundred dollars, started his own business, and never looked back. The company began in Mr. Johnson’s basement and grew into the 42,500 square foot facility that reflects Lawrence Johnson’s dreams of more than 80 years ago.

When you look for single or three phase transformer manufacturers, you won’t find many other companies with this amount of time in the business. We’ve learned a lot over our eight decades of manufacturing transformers.


Johnson Electric Coil Company’s quality assurance program is built on the ISO 9000 Quality Management model, meaning we strive for the highest quality in everything we do, from the products we build to the way we interact with our employees and serve our customers.

To that end, Johnson Electric Coil Company relies on the principles of lean manufacturing to ensure that you get what you pay for. Lean principles enable us to continually manufacture to the highest standards of quality while improving efficiency, minimizing waste, and optimizing the skills and talents of our people to keep costs down for our customers.


Once you place your order with us, you can rest assured that you’ll be satisfied with your product. Our engineers know the right questions to ask in order to design a unit to perfectly meet your needs. After receiving your designs or specifications, we’re snapping into action and putting our expertise to work for you. Once complete, we’ll even check freight carriers to get you the lowest shipping rates. We keep you updated on your order status throughout the manufacturing process and treat urgent orders with the utmost care. Satisfaction is our mission.

Custom Products

Do you have special needs for electromagnetic components? We design and manufacture products to your specifications. To see what the best custom transformer manufacturers can do for you, call 800-826-9741 today.