At Johnson Electric Coil Company, we work with many different companies with global needs to design and manufacture custom inductors and transformers unique to their specifications. Most of our customers are established OEMs, but we also work with smaller companies, startups, and research institutions.

To help those in search of custom inductors who may be new to the process of working with a specialty company to create a specific component, there are a few steps that we take to move the project from concept to product.

Understanding Your Project

One of the most important steps in the process is for our team of designers and engineers to understand the needs you have for the inductor. This means we will typically ask a lot of questions to get an overview of the system as well as those requirements specific to your inductor. We will also work with you on connections, mounting, or any other requirements that may be helpful to you when the parts arrive.

We will also discuss any safety agency requirements that may come into play. We can assist with concurrent agency approval of our custom magnetic components in the course of your product approvals, domestically as well as internationally. Our team is fluent in working with regulations and requirements for these components and experienced in working with regulatory agency project engineers.

We will prepare the necessary drawings, build prototype inductors to work out the details, and obtain final approval from your team to facilitate the production phase.


Because quality is central to our mission, quality processes are built into production at Johnson. We will keep you informed and updated throughout the production of your custom inductors. We will work with you to manage your ongoing orders, coordinate your inventory management, customize packaging and shipping, ensure delivery on your schedule, and enhance your ability to best serve your customers.

Our goal is to provide you a quality, customized, customer experience from start to finish.

We are here to assist with any special request you may have. Call us at 715-627-4367 for more information!