Two important reasons Johnson Electric Coil Company is considered a leader in the design and manufacturing of custom toroidal transformers? Our expertise and our experience. For over eight decades, we have been providing a level of quality and service that enables our customers, in all types of industries and applications, to be leaders in their markets.

We focus on developing the ideal toroidal transformer specifically for your application. In many situations, there may be an off-the-shelf transformer that comes close to doing the job. But these off-the-shelf options and designs may also be under- or over-designed, thus compromising performance of the transformer or its application and even adding unnecessary size, weight, features, and/or cost.

The Johnson Electric Coil Difference

Beginning with our team of design engineers, we discuss with you the details and needs of your particular project. With a complete understanding of what you require, we can then make suggestions on all aspects of the design and manufacturing of custom toroidal transformers to meet those needs. This includes working with you to determine the most appropriate core, winding, and insulation materials along with the termination and mounting options best-suited to your application. We take care to select the optimum materials and components to reduce the cost of production without sacrificing the effectiveness and efficiency of the transformer.

When it comes to the custom toroidal transformers we design and manufacture, we strive to create the ideal match, taking into account your specific dimensional and performance requirements, along with any critical considerations like temperature class, overcurrent protection, or unusual electrical, physical, or environmental factors within the system or installation site. And with our years of knowledge and experience in the product safety realm, designing to the applicable safety agency standards and various regulatory compliance issues from the start facilitates your product safety approvals when the time comes.

If you have a new device design or need to replace a toroidal transformer in an existing system or equipment, let us help! For more information, or to discuss your application, give us a call today at 715-627-4367.