Many kinds of electrical or electronic components and circuits require lower voltages than line voltage and therefore a means to lower it.

Some applications and circuits are more complicated, sophisticated, or sensitive than others. For some, the best solution may be an autotransformer, for others, an isolation transformer. Still others might require a choke or inductor.

Maybe you have limited space, or an odd-shaped space. Maybe you don’t know quite what you need!

In fact, you may need a custom magnetic component.

And among transformer manufacturers, Johnson Electric Coil Company excels when it comes to custom electro-magnetics.


Do you need custom transformers for your business? Perhaps you are unsure which type is best for your applications? Some transformer manufacturers claim to provide custom equipment, but when it comes to design and engineering, they cannot help you.

Product Development

Why struggle with your own R & D when you can have professional assistance? In addition to professional design services, we can help you upgrade or bring new components or products to market. We can manufacture to your specs and create prototypes for testing and evaluation, saving you a great deal of time, money, and company resources. Or we can work with you to identify and achieve your unique requirements—from designing to prototyping, whether to prove your concept or solve a problem—all the way through to production.

A Variety of Transformers

Some transformer manufacturers may concentrate on three-phase power or control circuits. There is nothing wrong with specialization, but Johnson Electric Coil has an exceptional repertoire of transformer design and manufacturing knowledge, skills, and experience. We design and produce single- and three-phase transformers, autotransformers, toroidal transformers, isolation transformers, inductors, and chokes. We build them to our specs. We build them to yours. Not only do we build custom transformers to suit our customers’ myriad applications, but we also customize the way we work with our customers. We aim to serve all of our customers’ needs!

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