There are many advantages to selecting custom inductors for your electrical or electronic products. Most important, custom-design means you get—and pay for—exactly what you need: no more, no less. Using custom-made components helps you avoid many common problems, and problems cost time and money. Thus, custom magnetics can increase your efficiency and profits. But why should you come to Johnson Coil for your needs? Let’s examine several reasons to choose us.


Some companies may have ten or twenty years of experience, and that is impressive. However, Johnson Coil’s history goes back more than 80 years to 1934. When we were first starting out, Franklin Roosevelt was President of the United States, John Dillinger had become an infamous bank robber, and the Great Depression was hitting its peak. America has come a long way since, and Johnson Coil is proud to have been a part of that progress. With a history as long as ours, you’re bound to learn a thing or two.

The Value of Lean Manufacturing

Johnson Electric Coil uses lean manufacturing processes, and this eliminates problems that many other companies face. Lean manufacturing means:

  • Less waste

  • Greater efficiency

  • Higher quality products

  • Greater efficiency

All of these benefits result in a superior product and greater value, and this is good news for our customers.


When you come to Johnson Coil for your custom inductors, you will find first-class help from the planning and designing stages all the way through the manufacturing process to delivery. We work with you to make sure you get the right size, inductance, and performance that you need when you need it. We use the latest in CAD software programs, both to assist in manufacturing and to create drawings for your review. We also provide prototypes for your fit, form, and performance testing in advance of production.


We manufacture our custom inductors in Antigo, Wisconsin. When you do business with a “made in America” company, you help to keep jobs at home and minimize carbon emissions through reduced transport distances. You can also count on a high quality finished product and ongoing engineering support. Call us today at 1-800-826-9741 to start your next custom inductor project or visit the rest of our site to check out the many good things we have to offer.