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To help understand how isolation transformers can benefit your equipment or system, here are some essential factors to keep in mind.

High Levels of Component Protection

As the name indicates, all isolation transformers are designed to create a separation or isolation between sensitive parts on equipment or systems and the direct power source. This eliminates the risk of surges in power or other types of issues from impacting any type of sensitive system components. Since power surges can destroy these components, protecting them ensures proper equipment performance and helps to reduce the cost of having to replace these often costly components.

Electrical Shock Reduction

For some types of electric equipment, the use of isolation transformers is also to prevent the risk of electrical shock for those using the equipment. Isolation transformers induce current through a magnetic field, so the power input and power output are “isolated” from one another, thus giving them their name. There is no physical transmission of power from source to device. A grounded operator can touch a conductor on either side of the transmission field safely, but not both at once as they will then create a new physical link in the circuit and carry the current rather than the transformer. This mitigates risk in applications where operators come in close contact with electrical equipment.

More Precise Power

The isolation transformer should be selected based on the specifics of the system and the ability to optimize the power level to the equipment components. The number of windings on the two non-connected sides of the transformer, as well as the size of the isolation transformer, can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the system.

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